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ROS Bridge

Publishes the state of the system to ROS.

from threading import Thread
    from queue import Queue
except ImportError:
    from Queue import Queue
import json
import roslibpy
import logging
import datetime
import os
import distopia

__all__ = ('RosBridge', )

[docs]class RosBridge(object): """Maintains subscribers and publishers to a ROS master via rosbridge """ _publisher_thread = None _publisher_thread_queue = None ros = None ready_callback = None log_data = False def __init__(self, host="localhost", port=9090, ready_callback=None, log_data=False): self.ready_callback = ready_callback self.log_data = log_data self.ros = ros = roslibpy.Ros(host=host, port=port) ros.on_ready(self.start_publisher_thread) ros.connect() def start_publisher_thread(self):'Connected to ros-bridge') designs_topic = roslibpy.Topic( self.ros, '/evaluated_designs', 'std_msgs/String') designs_topic.advertise() blocks_topic = roslibpy.Topic( self.ros, '/blocks', 'std_msgs/String') blocks_topic.advertise() tuio_topic = roslibpy.Topic( self.ros, '/tuio_control', 'std_msgs/String') tuio_topic.advertise()'Started ros-bridge publishers') self._publisher_thread_queue = Queue() self._publisher_thread = thread = Thread( target=self.publisher_thread_function, args=(designs_topic, blocks_topic, tuio_topic)) thread.start() if self.ready_callback: self.ready_callback() def stop_threads(self): if self._publisher_thread is not None: self._publisher_thread_queue.put(('eof', None)) self._publisher_thread.join() def update_tuio_focus(self, focus_district, focus_param): self._publisher_thread_queue.put( ('focus', (focus_district, focus_param))) def update_voronoi( self, fiducials_locations, fiducial_ids, fiducial_logical_ids, districts, district_metrics_fn, state_metrics_fn): self._publisher_thread_queue.put( ('voronoi', (fiducials_locations, fiducial_ids, fiducial_logical_ids, districts, district_metrics_fn, state_metrics_fn))) @staticmethod def make_computation_packet( fiducials_locations, fiducial_ids, fiducial_logical_ids, districts, district_metrics_fn, state_metrics_fn): district_metrics_fn(districts) state_data = [m.get_data() for m in state_metrics_fn(districts)] districts_data = [] for district in districts: district_data = { 'district_id': district.identity, 'precincts': [p.identity for p in district.precincts], 'metrics': [m.get_data() for m in district.metrics.values()], 'boundary': district.boundary } districts_data.append(district_data) blocks_data = [] for (x, y), fid_id, logical_id in zip( fiducials_locations, fiducial_ids, fiducial_logical_ids): item = { 'x': x, 'y': y, 'fid_id': fid_id, 'logical_id': logical_id} blocks_data.append(item) return state_data, districts_data, blocks_data def create_log_file(self): root = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(distopia.__file__), 'logs') if not os.path.exists(root): os.mkdir(root) t = '{}'.format(datetime.datetime.utcnow()).replace(':', '.') fname = os.path.join(root, 'distopia_log_{}.json'.format(t)) i = 1 while os.path.exists(fname): fname = os.path.join(root, 'distopia_log_{}-{}.json'.format(t, i)) i += 1 return open(fname, 'w') def publisher_thread_function( self, designs_topic, blocks_topic, tuio_topic): assert self.ros is not None queue = self._publisher_thread_queue packet_count = 0 fh = None first = True if self.log_data: fh = self.create_log_file() fh.write('[')'Running ros-bridge thread') try: while True: item, val = queue.get(block=True) if item == 'eof': tuio_topic.unadvertise() blocks_topic.unadvertise() designs_topic.unadvertise() return if item == 'focus': focus_district, focus_param = val cmd = 'focus_district' if focus_district else 'focus_state' param = str(focus_param) obj = {'cmd': cmd, 'param': param} tuio_topic.publish({'data': json.dumps(obj)}) log_obj = { 'focus': obj, 'utc_time': '{}'.format(datetime.datetime.utcnow()) } elif item == 'voronoi': state_data, districts_data, blocks_data = \ self.make_computation_packet(*val) count = packet_count packet_count += 1 districts_obj = { 'count': count, 'districts': districts_data, 'metrics': state_data} designs_topic.publish({'data': json.dumps(districts_obj)}) fiducials_obj = {'count': count, 'fiducials': blocks_data} blocks_topic.publish({'data': json.dumps(fiducials_obj)}) log_obj = { 'districts': districts_obj, 'fiducials': fiducials_obj, 'utc_time': '{}'.format(datetime.datetime.utcnow()) } else: assert False if fh is not None: if first: first = False else: fh.write(',\n') json.dump(log_obj, fh) finally: if fh is not None: fh.write('\n]') fh.close()'Ros-bridge thread exited')